Choices NZ was established following the introduction of Enabling Good Lives, and facilitates flexible support relationships and access to community services to help people achieve their goals.

Choices NZ is a proud member of the IHC Group. To find out more go to The IHC Group page.

How we can assist you

We can assist you to:

  • Achieve greater independence – working with you to identify your goals and then working with you to build your skills
  • Develop your social networks to connect with individuals and groups with common interests – as well as maintaining the relationships that you already have with friends, family and whānau
  • Access community services – working to develop plans and strategies so you can access the things available to everyone in your local community, like sports clubs, community groups
  • Live independently and help choose the best living situation for you
  • Gain employment – working with you to identify and achieve employment opportunities
  • Experience new challenges or pursue new interests – this may be through volunteering, or another step towards achieving your goals
  • Transition from school

Know what you’ll get

Our Life Coaches and Facilitators are experienced and qualified, and our specialist clinical staff provide expert advice – evaluating and supporting staff to deliver comprehensive and carefully-designed services.

We provide a range of services including employment, transition from education, learning new things and becoming an active part of your local community.