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At Choices NZ we are committed to helping people enjoy the most fulfilling, independent life possible and achieve the goals they set themselves through their personal plans.

Choices NZ was established with input from New Zealanders with disabilities, their families and providers of support services to give people greater choice and control over the services they can access and flexibility over the providers they choose.

Beginning your journey with Choices NZ starts with creating your personal plan.

Talk to your friends, family, whānau – and us – about what you may need and would like in your personal plan – remember, you can access our expert advice at any time.
You may also be talking with a Needs Assessment Coordination Service, a connector or person at the Ministry of Social Development or ACC about what you are entitled to.
We will work with you throughout so that you can have real confidence in every choice you make.

What we can do for you

Getting going on your personal plan  

If you have a goal to gain greater independence, you can be confident Choices NZ’s Coaching Services will empower you to develop the skills you need to achieve it. Our expert coaches will work with you to build the skills you identified in your personal plan. Whether it’s learning and developing skills, achieving employment experience or getting a job, finding the right kind of home, spending more time on activities and experiences you enjoy or being better connected with people you like – Choices NZ is beside you every step of the way.

Employment Services

Choices NZ’s Employment Services support people with disabilities or other health conditions to strive for greater independence through gaining sustainable employment. We can provide you with employment-related case management (including any required and agreed coaching and assistance in your personal plan) while working with you to identify open and inclusive employment opportunities. You can achieve your employment goals with confidence.

Living My Life (ACC)

With Choices NZ you are supported to strive for greater independence in how you choose to participate day-to-day in your community. We work with you to plan everyday interactions, providing coaching and developing strategies with you to connect with people and organisations in your community so you can achieve your personal, community and employment goals. Choices NZ gives you confidence to take control of the everyday aspects of your life – ‘where I live, what I do, where I go and who I’m with’.